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A complete guide for students and performers by nancy toff, the man with the golden flute. How to choose a flute native american style flutes by southern cross flutes duration. Then you try and make as exact a copy as possible of that flute. The art of native american flute making by charlie mato. Heres a list of gemeinhardt flutes and piccolos that are made in the u. Native american style flutes, hand made by laughing crow flutes.

These books are designed for those who might want to learn to play specific songs on their flute. Several of these books cover the native american flute. This book leads the reader down the path of flute making which its creator had originally taken and with the experience of 28 years of work in the craft, he provides an edge for those wanting to learn how to make native american flutes. Except the only power tool that you will need is a dremel tool and a few other hand tools. Song book fro the 6 hole native american flute new. Throughout the renaissance, most transverse flutes were cylindrical in shape and made from boxwood. In general, early 19c american flutes can have very good third octaves. Beginner song book for the 6 hole native american flute ebay. Deer or elk hide flute maker native american style flutes. My latest and last word on the playing and making of simple flutes from a variety of materials.

Later in the century a german influence would appear. Full scale plans for making the native american flute in the key of low d. See and hear a small sample of available flutes in the style of native american flutes. The book ends with a comprehensive catalog of solo and chamber repertoire, and includes appendices with fingering charts as well as lists of current flute manufacturers, repair shops, sources for flute music, books, flute clubs and related organizations worldwide. Spirit of the woods flutes was my full time business. Song books we have songbooks with both traditional and contemporary songs compiled by some of the most notable native american flute authors and players in the world. Wolf book description this manual provides detailed, stepbystep instructions and fully dimensioned drawings for crafting the unique flute of the american indian.

Rather than trying to craft flutes to a generally accepted, ideal model, makers of ethnic flutes seeks to define their own style and take the instrument in their own direction. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. It also comes with highly detailed instructions, diagrams and tons of photos to aid the. Carolina wooden flutes flute samples in the style of a. Marks flute page book list play flute, make a flute. They were published by walter ben hunt 18881970 in hunt 1954 and later in hunt 1973. These books can be used with any 5 hole flute in any key.

This is often a case for hobbists and small flutemakers, and to people who make their flutes out of branches. When i first began to look at classifying flutes that originated in north america, i quickly got the sense of dealving into a rabbithole topic. It took almost 2 years to write and includes the knowledge of over 28 years of. Demars,j this nicely designed and illustrated book deals with the playing and care of one of the most evocative and expressive instruments in the world the native american flute. Any piece of wood i might use to make a native american style flute is from a tree that was at least one hundred years old. This book can be used with any 6 hole flute in any key. Song book set of 3 for 5 hole native american flute. It has the schematics of all of the flutes that i make and offer here on our website as well as a few i dont offer. Also, the appendices contain charts, patterns, layout guides, history, music, discussions of materials and tools, and 11 pages of resources for builders and this manual provides detailed, stepbystep instructions and fully dimensioned drawings for crafting the unique. A guide to flute making and playing, or how to make and play great homemade musical instruments for children and all ages from bamboo, wood, clay, metal, pvc plastic, or anything else, by mark shepard, shepard publications, 2001. Southern cross flutes native american style flutes, crafted in new zealand. This book will give you what you need as far as intruction on making your own native american flutes. He has been making native american flutes for about ten years. Its a wonderful book, and it will help you learn to play and love your native american flutes.

Some people stick to the old traditional methods with very limited tools. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission. See more ideas about native american flute, native american, flute. Song book for 6 hole native american style flute other. This is my 166 page book on everything how to make native american flutes. The native american flute is a flute that is held in front of the player, has open finger holes, and has two chambers. Others use modern carving gouges, knives and sanding paper to make the flute by hand. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options.

Today, a native american style flute is made in various ways. Awakening is the first album of wojciech usarzewicz. These two pages provided the starting point for many flute makers of the early 1970s. The player breathes into one end of the flute without the need for an embouchure. Carlos nakai, douglas spotted eagle, john vames, mary youngbood and more. The most amazing collection of flute design knowledge anywhere. Subscribe to our monthly enewsletter for free music and flute tablatures, raffle winners, workshop schedule, odells blog and much more. This time honored tradition is how they have been made for the last 8000 years or so. Hand crafting your bag takes 912 hrs, depending on. Reverse engineering is the process of carefully studing an existing flute. Arising out of the indigenous peoples from lands now called the united states and canada, this hauntingly beautiful musical instrument has seen a renaissance and popularization in the. Lubeck haus bookstore in association with offer these books for sale. With the help of this book, i am on my fith flute and they keep getting better and better. It contains 12 songs played on native american flutes in various keys, from g5 to d4, almost all tuned to 432 hz.

Big songs from future, gucci mane, kodak black, drake, d. I had dedicated my life to the making of these hand crafted instruments in the style of native american flutes, and devoted myself to perfecting their performance and artistic value. Native american flute music has traditionally been made up on the spot, by playing what one feels. The art of native american flute making bluebearflutes. How to make native north american flutes 9 volume set. There is considerable debate about the early habitation of the americas. A block on the outside of the instrument directs the players breath from the first chamber. The art of native american flute making 9781514845981. This book leads the reader down the path of flute making which its creator had originally taken and with the. There is some evidence that modern humans, called paleoindians or paleoamericans, arrived in north american as early as 50,000 years ago most sources agree that there were several migrations of peoples from asia to the americas, either across the land.

In our lineup of woodwind instruments, youll find our piccolos are all made here in elkhart, in. Almost every song covers a whole page, each page a haunting melody for your 6 hole native american style flute. Everything you need to know to make your own flute. Price includes free shipping within the usa this is a set of the three native american flute song books, forest songs, earth songs, and more simple songs. Those of us who make native american style flutes professionally seem to agree that the second most efficient way to start making a flute is to reverse engineer a good love flute. Digitally tuned to the native american pentatonic scale.

A guide to crafting the native american style flute by russell a. Smith, we offer a variety of books to help your business while improving your knowledge. This book will teach you how to make the native american flute 5 or 6 hole flute. We provide over 16,000 products including instruments, sheet music, cds and accessories. Included are plans for 6 different flutes including a drone or double flute. The graphics are mirror images of the holes of a flute, as in. The art of native american flute making by charlie matotoyela. We offer the largest variety of top quality student and professional flutes and piccolos. Sheet music, the art of the native american flute, nakai. I strived to be one of the best makers in the style of the native american flute. Say em 2 bring the head joint to your mouth and press the circle against your lips. The best way to learn to make native american flutes is to learn from someone who already makes them.

This book leads the reader down the path of flute making which its creator had originally taken and with the experience of 28 years of work in the craft, he provides an edge for those this time honored tradition is how they have been made for the last 8000 years or so. Buy the art of native american flute making by charlie matotoyela, jessie matotoyela isbn. As one might guess, english flutes exerted the strongest influence on early 19th century american makers, some of whom had immigrated from england. Native american courting flute concert perfect end to.

I have been making flutes for over 10 years now and have made over 200 and sold them to people all over the world, i have sent flutes to usa, new zealand, canada, australia, france, germany, greece, israel. This page provides some plans for making native american flutes. How to learn to build native american flutes flute craft. It took almost 2 years to write and includes the knowledge of over 28 years of flute making. I had always thought they were a product of the southwest indian tribes, but a book that i found that was written during the 1800s about chippewa culture, had a passage about the chippewa flutes, along with pictures. Song books native american flutes, flute accessories and. Smith this book is the companion guide to the valentino flute fix kit, and separately is an excellent introductory guide to anyone learning to service the flute. By the late seventeenth century, the hotteterre family was credited with making several design changes to the transverse flute that included the addition of a head joint, a body, and a foot joint as opposed to a single cylinder. There is nothing quite like an authentic native american flute in terms of sound, quality, and craftsmanship. Inspired by native american flutes of the many gifts bequeathed to the broader world community, the native american flute embodies one of the most tangible. There are fewer americanmade simple system flutes from late in the 19th.

My name is trevor and i make native american style flutes as a hobby in my workshop which is based in newton abbot, devon, united kingdom. My flute music is free for listening and download, and it is available on jamendo. Charley covers all the important parts and is very detailed in his aproch. Soothe your soul and enhance your lifes journey with a native flute or music on cd from laughing crow.

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