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In this section, youll discover our top 25 offensive line drills covering footwork, run blocking, and pass protection skills. Attack with fists in a wedge, right through his chin. We must develop a cohesive unit with a great work ethic that takes great pride in being able to line up and consistently move the ball versus any opponent in our conference. We like to pick team captains from the ranks of the offensive line. The material begins with how a coach may select players for the offensive line and continues with the basics of offensive line play, namely. Chute and shield drill the offensive line chute and shield drill teaches the linemen to stay low. Instruct the linemen to execute zone blocking as if.

The most important aspect of your defense is the defensive line. Without a great offensive line no matter what offensive is run it will not be effective. Player behind are in a single file line starting when lead player completes half way. We use it on inside, outside veer, and load option. Regardless of a players ability level, this technique manual has valuable tools for any coach to utilize. Line depth shoulders are aligned to the hip of the center. The videos listed are publicly available on youtube. Your defensive linemen are responsible for gap control, pressure, and freeing up linebackers. The most difficult skill to master in pass protection is the tackles block on the wide aligned rusher. Mirror dodge drill for football position feet flat, knees forward, ankles apart 9. Next time, i will focus on how we instruct our defensive linemen to defend against twoonone blocks such as double teams and scoops as well as defending against specific run schemes. And the time we save in practice can be used to work on technique and aggression.

He lines up in the gap between the rt and the te if there is one on that side of the formation and is just as often playing the 6technique depending on how the offense lines up. I have taken it from the website, which is a great resource for coaching materials that are not xs and os but more for running an effective program. We must instill in our offensive linemen that they are responsible for our first downs, touchdowns, and controlling the pace of the game. Table of contents basics of pass protection 1 stance 2 basics of pass set 3 pass sets 4 pass set drills 11 contact 12. Steven ciocci, a fouryear starter on the offensive line at wagner university and the current offensive line coach at pace university, recently shared his thoughts on the most important techniques for young offensive linemen to practice and the proper way to perform each one. You can have the head just break the plane of the centers hip and it is legal. Defensive line technique and the 43 over front shakin. Hand combatives for maintaining leverage inside and developing punch technique. Offensive line blocking techniques drills and practice organization 2014 edition by. Controlling what big and athletic defensive lineman and linebackers do is no easy task. Fold block technique we want to use blocking angles anglesleverage. Evaluating the performance of offensive linemen in the nfl. Being an offensive lineman is often a thankless job, but good blockers are crucial for the offense to reach its potential.

In a normal 34 front, the defensive line is typically made up of a nose tackle and two defensive ends. Defensive line techniques for defeating oneonone blocks. Creating space for the running back and providing protection for the quarterback while blocking at the line of scrimmage are all essential for a. Offensive line drills without a reliable offensive line, even teams with an abundance of skilled players will struggle to move the ball upfield. Line up two offensive linemen, a tackle and a guard, in a three point stance along a yard line. Place one defensive lineman in the gap between the two offensive linemen, and a backer 5 yards back off the defensive lineman. Offensive line philosophy we are the most important position on the field. Coach schumans nuc sports football channel 1,014,338 views. It is a technique that comes in and out of vogue in the nfl, because all of that extra width opens up significant space along the line that can be exploited by the offense. Proper balance throughout the technique is a must for defensive linemen. Winning offensive line drills dave christensen youtube. They must protect the passrush and keep the play alive. The next defensive line drill were going to do is called a scoop drill, where the offensive tackle tries to climb up to our eighth hat in our eightman front. The offensive line drills below work on skills for both the run and pass blocking to created balanced football players.

Have the players at the front of the line execute their first two steps quickly and perfectly, inside step stepping first at a 30degree angle to the inside with knee to chest, all the. These techniques will serve as a guide for you, but utilize your own style, or whatever will make you an effective pass rusher. The offensive line technique manual is a comprehensive bookdvd resource for coaches looking to develop fundamentally sound and schematically prepared offensive linemen. The offensive line buck sweep drills work on the proper pulling techniques for playside and backside guard for the sweep play. Technique tuesday offensive line blocking football. Walk through the pushpullrip technique step by step. Given the lack of tangible statistics for offensive linemen, the majority of football analysts have had the same difficulty that advanced football analytics has had in evaluating the performance of an individual offensive lineman. Medicine ball drills to work armhand jabs start from 3 pt with ball on ground. Without a reliable offensive line, even teams with an abundance of skilled players will struggle to move the ball upfield. This coaches handbook is exactly just that opportunity. Or have the ol move left or right after 34 steps, and dl make the move the other way. Offensive line drills for youth football offensive lineman training. In a 25year career as an offensive line coach and clinician for youth, high school and college coaching staffs, i have come to one conclusion. In a football game, the offensive lines job is to protect the quarterback.

Here are the best offensive line drills for youth football. Defensive line drills for youth football coaching dl. In many cases, the offensive tackle will anticipate the speed rush and over commit to the outside making themselves susceptible for an inside counter move. The offensive line technique manual is a comprehensive resource for coaches looking to develop fundamentally sound and schematically prepared offensive linemen. No matter how big the engine is, it is not moving without the wheels. Offensive line coaching manual, offensive line technique. It is the offensive lines job to change with the direction of the play and drive the defense away from the ball. Linemen need to develop certain characteristics, both individually and as a unit, to effectively execute plays that keep the quarterback safe from the opposing team. Its important that drills work multiple techniques at once since practice time is very limited. A s a coach at any level it is great to get an inside picture of what a program with an incredible tradition of excellence does to operate successfully. If one side of the offensive player is leaning more forward, the defender is to pull with the arm to that side of the defender. Your defensive lineman is going to try to keep that tackle off that eighth hat with base fundamentals as he shoots his hands to the chest plate.

The techniques and fundamentals in this text can be used no matter what type of offense is run. They block one play this way and another play that way. Success as an offensive football team hinges on their ability to control the line of scrimmage. Theres no position that requires more discipline or technique than offensive lineman. Offensive lineman with his helmet on, defensive lineman with his helmet off and blindfolded. Slide protection schemes and technique smart football. This offensive line pass blocking drill helps your offensive linemen pick up and defeat any stunts the defensive lineman may try. By simplifying defensive line technique into the proper footwork and hand placement, coaches can teach lineman to react to various schemes. If you add a tight end to the offensive line, a 6technique would align a defensive player directly over the top of the tight end, while a 7. Offensive line techniques and fundamentals in the spread offense. Too many people believe the offensive line is a passive position.

Offensive line run blocking drills football drills. Clemsons defensive front owned the night from its preferred 43 over front. Coach godfried begins his presentation on the practice field. Using the proper stance for offensive linemen offensive linemen often use a twopoint, or up, stance, especially. Both blockers covered outside man goes 1st protect inside gap. Offensive line drills and techniques this video is one of many series of drills and exercise tips that are suitable for everyone. Enter notre dames offensive line, considered at the time to be the best unit in the country.

Below are techniques and tips for blocking the wide rusher. Football individual play offense offensive linemen. Chute and board drill the offensive line chute and board drill teaches the linemen to stay low and keep a wide base. To teach and drill the proper techniques necessary to deliver a perfect. There are a variety of different drills you can do to work your defensive line. Your scheme will typically determine your blocking rules. Teams have way too many running plays with varying blocking schemes in their offenses. Winning offensive line drills presents a series of gametested drills for developing the fundamental skills and techniques involved in sound. To be a good offensive line requires more than just discipline or good blocking technique. This is a drill they practice that youth football teams have used successfully to improve offensive line blocking and quickness.

Accelerate across the line of scrimmage with leverage. Muscle memory drills build core strength and increase flexibility and stamina. Defensive line techniques the 2017 prototypes nfl news. Ol backpedals 34 steps, when he stops, dl makes his move. It is very productive when the ball is being run wide or against in inside slant. Grey ruegamer offensive lineman for the new york giants the heart and soul of any good football team is its offensive line. The techniques described later are the ones that are commonly used. If you add a tight end to the offensive line, a 6technique would align a defensive player directly over the top of the tight end, while a 7technique would be on his outside shoulder. The basic thing that we want to accomplish is to cut off pursuit of the def ender. The key thing to keep in mind is to always keep progressing toward the passer while you make your movies. Free football drills from glazier clinics defensive line.

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